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Protective Spiritual Wards

Protective Spiritual Wards

Protective Spiritual Wards


Magic spells and curses are sometimes placed upon people with the intention of harming them. The misfortune intended by curses can range from illness, and harm, to even death. Curses are declared to be the most dreaded form of magic, often called black magic, and are believed to be universally used. The principle purposes for them to be "laid" or "thrown" are for revenge, and also for protection of homes, treasures and grave sites. Curses can become effective immediately or may be dormant for years. Curses laid on families have been known to have plagued them for generations.

Just as many methods exist for breaking curses as there are for making them. Traditionally, the most propitious time for laying on and breaking curses is during the waning of the moon. A person can cast a spell for himself, or direct it toward another person. A positive spell is called a blessing. A negative spell usually known as a hex or curse. Archaic terms for spells include bewitchment and enchantment. 

A binding spell is on that is cast with the intention of preventing harm or disaster, or to stop someone from performing a particular act such as a murder or rape, or something as inoffensive as spreading gossip.

Protective spiritual wards are way that we can protect ourselves.


Wards are magical objects that contain energies  which are raised and set into place to protect a space, object or person. Wards are regenerative and can regenerate the energy programmed into them for centuries.


The traditional Four Directions are warded, but one should ward "up" and "down" as well; "negative spirits" and negative energies can "tunnel" over and under on the astral plane! For this reason, raise a sphere rather than a Circle.

Why ward? For the same reason you keep your car and your house doors locked: to protect yourself, your property, and your personal space.

The words reward, warden, steward, warn, wardrobe, warrant, wary and beware all come from the same Old English root "ward," that meant to guard, protect, or watch out for. "Setting the wards" is a magical technique for guarding and protecting an area or a person. We know that the Druids protected places from unwanted attention. The Roman poet Lucan wrote of a grove never violated over the ages, which people did not use for worship but left fallow for the gods. Guarding people and places is within our ability today and setting wards is one way to do it. 


The Protective Spiritual Wards that we provide are assembled with holy items, powerful angelic protective runes, and then tied to a series of stars and dimensional energies in the spiritual world that continually empower its protective effect.  These Wards form a protective Bubble around the property that they are placed in that covers an area of over 300 square feet.  The Bubble is self-replicating and need not be recharged. Simply set it and let it go.  It is an intelligent energy that will do the work of protecting your home, property, and your personal auric space. 


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